Iron Bridge Fabrication Case Study

Overview Iron Bridge Fabrication

Iron Bridge Fabrication is a Canadian-based company with many years of experience creating durable, low maintenance, and high-performance access structures and metal fabrications. Their specialty is in the production of prefabricated pedestrian bridges, welded wide flange beams, welded box girders, highway bridges, architectural structures, and custom fabrication.

The Problem

Iron Bridge Fabrication recently completed construction on a new, expanded state-of-the-art fabrication facility in New Hamburg, Ontario and required an effective fume extraction solution to maintain clean indoor air quality and protect their employees from harmful smoke, fume and dust generated from welding, grinding and cutting processes.

Ease of use and maintenance were important considerations for any potential solution because, as a bridge fabricator, their assemblies and sub-assemblies are quite large.

The Solution

After meeting with the team at Iron Bridge Fabrication, Diversitech proposed a wide range of solutions to choose from – each with specific benefits. Doing so allowed Iron Bridge Fabrication to choose an option that was the best possible fit for their needs while staying within their budget.

The chosen solution was nine (9) wall-mounted Filterhawk AM-Series Ambient Air Cleaners by Diversitech. Owing to its multi-stage filtration system, each Filterhawk AM Series Ambient Air Cleaner can capture a wide array of airborne contaminants ranging from coarse to very fine particulate, ensuring consistently clean air. These units create an airflow pattern that will effectively capture airborne smoke and dust generated from welding and grinding in Iron Bridge Fabrication’s manufacturing plant on a designed air exchange per-hour rate.

This solution offered the added benefit of requiring zero floor space and provided ideal ventilation throughout the entire plant, delivering a clean and safe work environment.

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