General Manufacturing Case Studies

Diversitech has supplied effective industrial air filtration systems to general manufacturers across North America. Learn how we did it.

Slacan Industries

Hamilton, Ontario

Slacan Industries Case Study

Slacan Industries Inc. was founded in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1912 to supply Poleline Hardware for the growing electrical utility and communication markets. Discover how Diversitech worked with Slacan to address combustible dust in their manufacturing plant.



Toronto, Ontario

Deciem Case Study

Deciem is a cosmetic manufacturer at the cutting edge of the beauty industry with corporate headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Discover how Diversitech worked with Deciem to address indoor air quality issues in their manufacturing plant.


Iron Bridge Fabrication

New Hamburg, Ontario

Iron Bridge Fabrication Case Study

Iron Bridge Fabrication specializes in the production of prefabricated pedestrian and highway bridges, welded box girders, architectural structures, and custom fabrication. Discover how Diversitech resolved indoor air quality issues in their manufacturing plant.



Laval, Quebec

F/List Case Study

F/List specializes in manufacturing luxury interiors for aircrafts, yachts, and private residences. They required an effective air filtration solution that would address toxic dust generated during the finishing phase of their manufacturing process.



Twin Falls, Idaho

Chobani Case Study

Dry food powders used in the production of Chobani's Greek-style yogurt were combustible and needed to be safely contained at their food processing plant in Twin Falls, Idaho. Diversitech's Typhoon WX-1200 Wet Dust Collector provided a safe and compliant solution.


Northwest Cosmetics Labs

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Northwest Cosmetics Labs Case Study

As a manufacturer of skin care products, Northwest Cosmetic Labs needed an efficient and durable solution for capturing non-combustible, fine pigment dust at multiple workstations during the manufacturing process. Learn how Diversitech was able to provide a solution.


Plastic Plus

Toronto, Ontario

Learn how Diversitech helped Plastic Plus to provide a safer and cleaner work environment for their workers.

Fine, plastic dust was being generated while cutting lenses for eyewear. This type of dust can cause serious respiratory problems. Learn how Diversitech was able to provide an effective solution.