FRED Overspray Master Help & Support

Learn how to get the most out of your FRED Overspray Master and troubleshoot common problems.
See our help topics and support videos below, and download the FRED Overspray Master product guide and owner's manual.

How to..

Unpack Unit

  1. Inspect carton for any possible damage during transit.
  2. Use forklifts to move.
  3. Remove packing material.
  4. Do not tip or invert while handling.
  5. You’ll find the item serial number, model and electrical ratings located on the nameplate. Write down information on the provided Maintenance Record found in the owner’s manual.

Location Selection

  1. Designate a location for the unit near the operator that is sufficiently close to a grounded power source.


  1. Each machine is wired for correct rotation:
    • If motor is serviced, restart the unit.
    • Confirm motor is turning in the correct direction. (See indication arrow marked on motor).

Before you use your unit, you’ll want to perform a function test to verify it’s in working order.

  1. Confirm correct Voltage and Amperes
  2. Check that the Carbon Filter is properly installed.
  3. Turn the power switch to “On” for a few seconds and check that the motor rotation is correct.
  4. Look to confirm that the unit is level and stable. Verify nothing is obstructing extraction path.
  5. Start the unit.
  6. Listen closely to the motor and suction sound of the unit. Are they within the expected noise limits?
  7. Place hand on top of the unit and feel for any unexpected vibration. Place your hand in front of the intake surface to confirm the expected levels of suction.

Daily Inspection

  1. Inspect all equipment surfaces for dust buildup:
    • Wipe down as needed.
  2. Inspect carbon filters for signs of dust buildup:
    • Service as needed.
  3. Check that the gasket between the housing and the carbon canister is not damaged.
  4. Turn unit on and adjust the capture arm distance to the source so as to capture the maximum amount of fumes.

Filter Replacement- As required

  1. Replace after-filter media when it appears torn or dirty.
  2. Replace Carbon canisters after air sampling or every 6 months depending on usage and concentration of fumes being collected.

Yearly Inspection

  1. Clean labels and exterior surfaces.
  2. Check for tears in flex hoses and fitting of hose clamps.
  3. Wash cabinet internal assemblies with warm water mixed with mild detergent (Allow 12 hours to dry before use).
  4. Inspect controls for loose wiring.
  5. Examine motors for signs of unusual wear.


  1. Check input power.
  2. If the problem continues, contact Diversitech support for assistance.
  1. Check motor rotation. It is possible that the unit is in reverse phasing. An electrician is required to reposition phase lines.
  2. Check filter load. Replace if necessary.
  3. If the problem continues, contact Diversitech support for assistance.
  1. Perform routine maintenance on unit.
  2. If the problem continues, contact Diversitech support for assistance.