FRED Sr. Self-Cleaning Portable Fume Extractor


The industry standard for eliminating smoke, dust and fumes, the FRED Sr. is a professional grade fume extractor. Capturing contaminants right at the source, the FRED Sr. has a powerful blower featuring a high face-velocity. Equipped with our standard MERV 15 rated Nanofiber filter, this fume extractor can remove particulate as small as 0.5 micron.

Our patented Injection Self-Cleaning System (ICS-360), both extends filter life expectancy and improves aggregate filter efficiency. Routine service for the FRED Sr. is both fast & easy, reducing total cost of ownership.


  • Automatic Filter Cleaning makes service easy
  • Compact, portable and easy to operate
  • Capture-at-source for cleaner air
  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld fumes


  • Flexible 10’ externally articulated capture arm
  • ICS-360 Injection Self-Cleaning System
  • 21” easy-to-service Nanofiber filter (MERV 15)
  • Rotary starter with 15’ power cord & casters


  • Choice of flexible, externally articulated capture arm: 6.5’, 10’, 13’
  • Automatic self-positioning, Fume Tracker™ capture arm
  • 3.0 HP 1800 or 5.0 HP 2500 CFM High-Static Motor [230/460/575V 3PH]
  • Odor Absorption Kits
  • Minihelic Gauge
  • Spunbond Polyester Filter Cartridges (washable)
  • Afterfilter module, with HEPA Filter
  • Hood mounted LED light kit

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