Dust Control Booth



Safely capturing airborne contaminants, Diversitech’s Dust Control Booth offers a turnkey solution for filtering fiberglass, composites, metal finishing and fumes from large work pieces.

With 4, 6 or 8-cartridge options ranging from 3000 CFM to 6000 CFM, the Airhawk Environmental Booth Modules (EBMs) serve as the booth’s filtration unit. Once installed, the booth draws smoke, dust, and fumes, into its louvered inlet and away from the operator’s breathing zone.

The Dust Control Booth’s modular design can be customized to suit your specific needs. Its built-in, reverse pulse cleaning system extends filter life, reducing maintenance requirements. Ideal applications include: welding smoke & fumes, grinding dust, composites dust, wood dust, vapors and odors.


  • Customizable and modular, makes for versatile workspaces
  • Capture-at-source for cleaner air
  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld fumes


  • Front access dust-drawer for easy maintenance
  • Self-supporting
  • Modules are freestanding


  • Dust-proof Light Kit
  • Spark Baffles
  • Backdraft Dampers
  • Sound Abatement
  • Washable Spunbond Filters
  • Odor Absorption Kits
  • Backdraft Hood
  • Minihelic Gauge
  • HEPA or Nanofiber Filter

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