Green Filter Cleaning Machine


NOTE: The Green Filter Cleaning Machine has been temporarily discontinued as of November 7, 2022. We are currently developing a new and improved version that will become available in 2023.

The Green Filter Cleaning Machine effectively and safely cleans your cartridge style air filters. The recycling of dirty cartridge filers translates into immediate ROI as filters can be cleaned and reused up to 3-6 times, depending on application. The Filter Cleaning Machine is designed to reduce filter pressure drop after cleaning, improving the performance and efficiency of your air filtration system.

The machine is ideal for cleaning dust collector cartridge filters, diesel engine intake filters, or any cartridge filter with an inner diameter greater than 6.5” and shorter than 40” in height. The filter cleaning mechanism requires 80 cfm of dry compressed air at 80-100 psi to function properly. Diversitech’s Green Filter Cleaning Machine provides users with reduced landfill waste, protects workers by automating the hazardous filter cleaning process and saves companies on replacement filter and disposal costs.


  • Reuse filters 3-6 times
  • Automated cleaning cycle
  • Reduces waste & environmentally friendly
  • Pays for itself with savings


  • Stand alone unit designed to clean cylindrical cartridge filters
  • Dry patented cleaning process
  • ICS-360 Injection self-cleaning mechanism
  • Lexan transparent cyclone dust collector
  • Filter inspection station (optional)

Ideal Applications

  • Dust collector cartridges
  • Mining & construction machinery intake air filters
  • Gas turbine intake filters
  • Vacuum pump intake filters
  • Cylindrical cartridge filters/miscellaneous industries

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