Filterhawk AM-Series 4500 Ambient Air Cleaner


Guarantee a cleaner air facility with Diversitech’s Filterhawk AM-Series 4500 Ambient Air Cleaners. Using a circular airflow pattern, the AM-Series 4500 draws dust, smoke and other airborne pollutants in through the sides and exhausts clean air out, protecting workers from harmful contaminants. Equipped with MERV 7 prefilters, a MERV 8 panel filter and MERV 14 primary multi-pocket bag filters, the AM-Series 4500 has a two-stage filtration system to effectively collect airborne toxins.

These ambient air cleaners are constructed using powder coated steel. The modular configuration of the Filterhawk allows units to be combined with multiple modules in a double or quad setup to increase the amount filter media. The air cleaners can be easily installed in your facility with an optional wall mounting bracket or eyebolts to hang the units with chains. Ideal applications for the AM-Series-3000 include: welding smoke and fumes, wood dust, oil mist and smoke from machining and dust from grinding.


  • Cost effective, energy efficient units
  • Modular design, multiple configurations
  • Quick install, no ductwork required


  • 4500 CFM, 3 HP TEFC Motor
  • Powder-coated Steel Interior Frame
  • Lightweight Black Matte Recycled Polyethylene Plastic Panels
  • Chain-hung or Wall-mounted


  • Wall-mounting Bracket
  • Baffle Impingers
  • Magnahelic Gauge
  • Manometer
  • Carbon Odor Absorption Kits
  • Factory-installed Eyebolts
  • HEPA Filter
  • Spark Baffles

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