Welding Fumes

Diversitech - Air pollution control for welding smoke and fumes 
Breathing welding smoke and fumes can cause long term health issues. Discover how this problem is affecting employee health and productivity in the manufacturing sector.  

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Grinding Dust

Diversitech - Air pollution control for dust from grinding applications 
Grinding dusts can reduce the lungs ability to absorb oxygen, it can also damage sensitive machinery and electronics in your production facility. These problems can be solved with the right filtration equipment.

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Hexavalent Chromium

Diversitech - Air pollution control for toxic hexavalent chromium fumes from welding and grinding 
Hexavalent Chromium is highly toxic to the human body. This pollutant causes a wide range of negative health effects and is a known carcinogen. Discover how to protect yourself from the danger.

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)

Diversitech - Air pollution control for fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOC's) 
Volatile organic compounds are found in many paints and solvents. When released into a worker’s breathing zone, they are readily absorbed by the lungs and can have very immediate and serious side effects such as impaired judgment, lack of co-ordination, headaches and blurred vision.

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Oil Mist

Diversitech - Air pollution control for oil mist issues 
The use of cutting fluids for machining, drilling and lathing can produce large quantities of oil mist and oily smoke. These types of pollutants require specialized filtration equipment.  

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Lead-Free Solder

Diversitech - Air pollution control for smoke and fumes from soldering and brazing 
Soldering and brazing produces smoke and fumes that are often very close to the worker’s breathing zone. Find out what kind of effects these contaminates can have on your workforce.

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