Ambient Air Cleaners

Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector Image

Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector

The Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector replaces contaminated shop air with filtered, clean air in your facility.

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T-Series Ambient Air Cleaners Image

T-Series Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient Air Cleaners range from 3000-4500 CFM

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Capture and Filter Dust and Welding Fumes using Ambient Air Cleaners

Diversitech offers both cost-effective disposable filter air cleaners and self-cleaning filtration systems for different budgets and application requirements. Our T Series Ambient Air Cleaners excel at extracting welding fumes, collecting dust and airborne oil mist from production shops and welding bays. The Air Hawk line of ambient air cleaning provides a self-cleaning option to reduce filter maintenance intervals and filter cleaning costs. 

Common ambient air cleaner applications include:

  • Welding Fumes
  • Plasma Cutting Smoke
  • Grinding and Sanding Dust 
  • Oil Mist Collection 
  • Nuisance Dust

How the Airhawk Ambient Air Cleaners Work?

The Airhawk Ambient Air Cleaners are typically either setup in a wall mounted configuration along a wall or column, or are chain hung with eyebolts on the trusses of a building. The units are built from a rugged powder coated steel structure with lightweight polyethylene plastic panels to allow for easy and quick installation. Air cleaners are typically arranged in a staggered layout along the perimeter of the plant to ensure a circular airflow pattern between units. Dirty air is pulled through both sides of the unit, with a 4” panel prefilter and a MERV 10 bag air filter. The air is then blown out the side exhaust of the unit, moving dirty air over into the next air cleaner and creating a T like airflow pattern.

How the Airhawk Self-Cleaning Air Cleaners Work?

The Air Hawk self-cleaning air cleaners pull air through a louvered inlet with a prefilter roll, allowing you to easily change over the media as the filter material is used up. The unit contains MERV 15 nanofiber filter cartridges with a reverse pulse cleaning system which pulses the accumulated dust into a drawer below. An available hopper drum lid kit allows for the collection and disposal of the accumulated debris. The filtered air is then exhausted through two silencers reducing the noise level and redirecting the airflow towards the next Air Hawk air cleaners. 

If you are not sure which ambient air cleaning system is right for you, contact us today at 1-855-976-5190 to learn more about our industrial air cleaner options and to learn which system will best suit your operation.