Diversitech - Air pollution control for welding smoke and fumes 
Industrial welding produces large quantities of smoke & fumes. Contaminates from welding stainless steel or galvanized metals are particularly dangerous. DiversiTech produces a wide range of OSHA certified air filtration equipment designed to handle the toxins produced from welding.

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Grinding & Deburring

Diversitech - Air pollution control for dust and smoke from grinding and deburring 
Smoke and dust from grinding and deburring processes present a long-term health threat to industrial workers. Capture-at-source technology from DiversiTech can help remove the problem airborne contaminants in the workplace.

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Laser & Plasma Cutting

Diversitech - Air pollution control for smoke and fumes from laser and plasma cutting 
Laser & plasma cutting creates a high volume of smoke, fumes and dust that are a serious breathing hazard. DiversiTech has created several solutions for the capture and removal of pollutants that come from various cutting applications.

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Sanding & Finishing

Diversitech - Air pollution control for dusts from sanding and finishing 
The “hands on” approach to many sanding & finishing tasks can put workers in close contact with large amounts of airborne dust.  Masks can only go so far. A proper air filtration system from DiversiTech can help protect workers from the danger of long-term inhalation of sanding and finishing dust.

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Painting & Coating

Diversitech - Air pollution control for painting applications 
Spray paint contains dangerous volatile organic compounds. The action of spray painting causes these contaminates to spread quickly through a workplace. Containing VOC’s is an effective way to mitigate the danger to your workforce.

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Soldering & Brazing

Diversitech - Air pollution control for smoke and fumes from soldering and brazing 
The action of soldering and brazing puts smoke and fumes right into the worker’s breathing zone. Besides being unhealthy, this distraction can also lead to productivity loss. Discover how a soldering & brazing smoke and fumes can affect your workforce.

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3D Printing

Diversitech - Air pollution control for smoke and fumes from soldering and brazing 
The 3D printing process creates dangerous airborne combustible metal dust that needs to be captured and filtered. Post processing metal and plastic parts can become a workplace hazard if not adequately handled with dust collection equipment. Discover how a downdraft table can improve your 3D printing operations.

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Diversitech's application engineers and sales professionals have extensive experience with many other applications including:

  • Plastic Deflashing
  • Bench Grinding
  • Belt Sanding 
  • Wide Belt Sanding
  • Pedestal Grinding
  • Rouge Polishing 
  • Rubber Grinding
  • Copper Sanding
  • Silica Dust
  • Carbon Fiber Sanding
  • Composite Sanding
  • Expoxy resin powder
  • Agricultural dust
  • Flour dust
  • Sugar dust
  • Pharmaceutical dust
  • Wood sanding 
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Flame Spraying
  • Thermal Spray 
  • Powder Coating
  • Spray Paitning 
  • Aluminum Blasting 
  • Laser Cutting 
  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser Marking
  • Food Processing

DiversiTech can guide you through the best solution for your specific application.


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