Injection Cleaning System (ICS)

DIVERSITECH’S patented Injection Self-Cleaning System (ICS-360) reduces the total cost of ownership of many of our dust collection products by:

  • Extending filter life expectancy
  • Improving aggregate filter efficiency
  • Making routine service faster & easier

The Problem

All dust collector filters must eventually be cleaned and/or replaced.  Depending on the filter media and the application, this routine maintenance can create a significant cost-center.  Neglecting to service a dust collector filter increasingly strains the motor, and more importantly increasingly exposes workers to dust and fumes that are not being captured-at-source.

Problem Solved

DiversiTech's ICS-360 technology injects compressed air from the inside of the cartridge through the filter, effectively blowing the dust and debris off the filter media.  The solid pollutants then fall through slotted gates that closes at the end of the 8 minute cleaning cycle. Emptying the dust drawer periodically becomes a much easier and less costly maintenance exercise compared to manually cleaning the filter.

How it Works

Continuous Air
Clean, dry, oil-free shop air, between 60 and 80 PSI, is directed through a nozzle positioned inside the filter media. With a continuous flow of air parallel with the filter, more than 80% of dust and debris is blown off.
360°  Rotation Top-to-Bottom
In order to blow continuous air over every part of the cartridge filter, the ICS-360 uses an encapsulated linear actuator and gear motor to move the nozzle 360° degrees top-to-bottom. No part of the cartridge filter escapes the thorough cleaning cycle.
Dust Drawer
Slotted gates at the bottom of the cleaning chamber open to start the cleaning cycle.  When the dust and debris falls, it settles into a dust drawer that can be easily serviced.  At the end of the 8 minute cycle, the gates close to prevent dust re-entrainment onto the filter.

How the ICS-360 Works Better

Many other self-cleaning technologies rely on bursts or pulses of air from one end of the cartridge. The problem with any pulse system is the distribution of air across the filter media. A high cleaning efficiency is difficult to obtain with a pulse technology because invariably the bottom of the filter receives the bulk of the burst. Only the ICS-360 Injection Self-Cleaning System directs a continuous air stream at every inch of the filter media.

Technology Air Supply Cleaning Efficiency
Cone Reverse Pulse 60-80 PSI 50-70%
Reverse Pulse 90-110 PSI 10-30%
Roto-Pulse 120-140 PSI 30%
Venturi Reverse Pulse 80-100 PSI 30-50%
Vibra Pulse 80-120 PSI 35%
ICS-360 Injection Self-Cleaning System 60-80 PSI 80%+